Make Juice & Smoothies Faster with Magic Juicer Bullet

The juicer bullet is small enough to sit on your kitchen counter and doesn’t take up too much space. Because this juicer bullet is small, you can leave it on your kitchen counter and you will actually use it on a regular basis because you will have it handy everyday and it is super fast to use and clean unlike other food processors and blenders. Traditional juicers are large and you would normally put it away in a cupboard or on a top shelf. You may then think that it is too time consuming to get it out of its box, assemble and use. Small devices usually tend to get used on a more regular basis.


The magic juicer bullet can do many things and it becomes an essential tool in the kitchen even though it is not a serious juicer. You can make healthy and delicious juices or fruity cocktails of your choice. You can chop up vegetables quickly and efficiently to use as crudities or add to soups (even though the juicer bullet doesn't excel at this task; read juicer bullet reviews), stews and casseroles. You can make delicious juices(check our carrot juice recipe), dips, spreads and souces! The amount of things you can do with the personal juicer bullet are really endless. If you are highly creative and inventive, you will be able to produce top quality meals and beverages at home.


Some people prefer blending fruits and vegetables instead of juicing them because the fiber you get blending the produce is too valuable to waste. And some vegetables and fruits can even taste better when blended. However, the nutrition you get from juicing gets absorbed much faster into your body because there is not fiber to slow down the digestion.


Our juicer bullet recipes section has wonderful ideas that are very simple and use basic ingredients.